Transporting knowledge between NF patients, scientists, and clinicians

We are pleased to welcome you at the European NF meeting, in the heart of Rotterdam. From 10-13 December 2020, we will transform this vibrant city with the largest port of Europe into a global neurofibromatosis knowledge centre.

The European NF meeting is a key platform for established as well as starting professionals in NF research and clinical care. Approximately 400 health professionals, researchers and patients from all over the world will meet and exchange knowledge and ideas and establish new collaborations. Bringing together all different disciplines involved in NF research and care, the European NF meeting offers a forum for advancing basic, translational, and clinical research in NF and related fields, with one purpose: to improve the quality of life of NF patients.

It is our pleasure to host the 19th European neurofibromatosis meeting in our city, organised by the Erasmus MC national NF1 Expertise (ENCORE) and the patient organisation for neurofibromatosis in the Netherlands (NFVN). Help us to improve NF care by transporting your knowledge among specialists, researchers and patients with their caretakers!

Hot topics in NF summarized

For patients, family, caretakers and press

Rianne Oostenbrink & Ton Akkermans
On behalf of organizing committee