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The Organizing Committee of the European Neurofibromatosis Meeting 2020 is pleased to announce its call for submission of abstracts to be considered for presentation at its meeting in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from 10-12 December 2020. In addition to keynote and plenary lectures on NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis, we organize parallel sessions for in depth knowledge. Topics include plexiform neurofibromas, cutaneous neurofibromas, cognition and behavior, genetics, quality of life, as well as animal and cellular models and fundamental research. Session chairs will select from the submitted abstracts a set of 3-4 abstracts that is offered the floor for a posterpitch of 3 minutes prerecorded by the authors. Each parallel session will be followed by an interactive Q&A session between the audience and the authors of the selected abstracts online present.

We encourage submission of abstracts describing new research particularly on these topics. Abstracts should be written in understandable English and will be evaluated on the basis of scientific merit by the Scientific Committee of NF2020. Abstracts should report original data that has not yet been published in international papers. Submission should cover primarily methods and results, although contributions with a theoretical or methodological emphasis are welcome. Posters need to be uploaded 4 weeks before the congress, and will be accessible during a few weeks before and after the congress. Authors are expected to be available for an interactive posterplatformsession during one of the congress days for Q&As.  New this year will be the three poster awards for PhD students, one evaluated best on scientific merit and two evaluated by the NFPU patient organization (Public awards for NF1/Legius syndrome and NF2/Schwannomatosis ) based on criteria focused on clinical impact of the study, patient involvement and improvement of quality of life.

Poster prize (scientific posters):
The prize has a value of € 500,00.


Open the PDF-link below for the guidelines for your abstract submission.

Guidelines Abstract Submission NF2020

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