Dr. Rick van Minkelen (PhD)

Dr. Rick van Minkelen received his PhD in 2008 at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC, the Netherlands) on the study of genetic risk factors for venous thrombosis. He is a Clinical Laboratory Geneticist (CLG), certified by the European Board of Medical Genetics and the Dutch Society for Clinical Genetic Laboratory Diagnostics, at the department of Clinical Genetics of the Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam). He has a special interest in Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) and related disorders. He is the curator of the NF1 LOVD database (http://www.lovd.nl/NF1) for sharing genetic variants and a member of the ENCORE expertise center for neuro-developmental disorders.

Function: Clinical Molecular Geneticist
Company: Erasmus MC